Samskritotsav 2012




SWAMI VIVEKANANDA 150th Anniversary



Date & Time:                18, 19, 20 August 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Place:                             DG Vaishnav College, Arumbakkam, Chennai.

The very sound of Sanskrit words give  prestige power and strength to the race
-Swam Vivekananda


The Government of India declared Shravana Purnima as Samskrita Dinam (Samskrit Day). This year is 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. He was teaching Samskrit before attaining Mahasamadhi. He encouraged the spread of Samskrit as very essential to rejuvenate this culture and rebuild this nation.

The Dept. of Sanskrit, DGVaishnav College, Arumbakkam & Samskrita Bharati invite you with family & friends to participate / witness the various cultural programs in the Samskritotsavah
The celebrations will be followed by Spoken Samskrit classes in locations spread out thru the length & breadth of Chennai city. You too can learn to Speak / Read / Write Samskrit.
18th August 2012, (Saturday): BALAKALOTSAVAH
10:00 - 11:00   Udghatana Satram (Inaugural Ceremony):
Smt. Nirmala, Principal MOP Vaishnava College, Nungmbakkam, Chennai
11:00 - 4:00     Competitions for School Students on
·    Samskrita Gitam
·    Samskrita Natakam
·    Upanyasam Katha Kalakshepam
·    Rasaprashnah Quiz
·    Bhashanam - oratory
4:30 5:30 :  Sabha karyakramah
§ Nritya Natakam  
Sri Krishnaya NamaH by Natya Veda
§ Samaropah Valediction:
Smt. Vijayalakshmi, Doordarshan, Chennai
Mr. Balasubramanyam, Director Mangal Teerth Estate Private Ltd
Smt. Nirmala, Principal, MOP Vaishnava College, Nungmbakkam, Chennai
§ Pustaka-Lokarpanam (Book releasing)
10:00 a.m  - 7:00 p.m. : Exhibition on Samskritam, Bhagavad Gita and other presentations

19th August 2012, (Sunday): SAMAJOTSAVAH
10:00 12:30  Vichara Satram (Karutthu-arangam):
·         Salomon Pappayah : Tamil scholar and  television icon
·         Dr VV Subramaniam  
·         Tirupur Krishnan
·         Natarajan (HOD Tamil)
·         CS Radhakrishnan
·         Dr.T.N.Aravamudan
·         Kumaraswami
2:00 3:00      Kavi Sammelanam - poets corner
3:00 4:30      Samsrhythm - a musical fest by Ghatam Dr. S. Kartik & Party
5:00 6:30      Sabha karyakramah
·    Justice Sri. Rama Subramaniam
·    Smt. Ramani Manoharan
·    Dr M M Alex, President Samskrita Bharati 
·    Shri. Dinesh Kamat, All India Organising Secretary, Samskrita Bharati

10:00 a.m  - 7:00 p.m. : Exhibition on Samskritam, Bhagavad Gita and other presentations
20th August 2012, (Monday): YUVOTSAVAH
10:00 12:30 : Presentation by Srikumar Menon
10:00 1:00 : Competitions for College Students:
·    Samskrita Gitam / Bhakti Gitam
·    Samskrita Natakam
·    Upanyasam Katha Kalakshepam
·    Rasaprashnah Quiz
·    Bhaashanam oratory
·    Seminars for College students / Research Scholars
4:30 5:30 :  Samaropa Karyakramah (Valediction)
·    Shri. Atmaghanananda, Ramakrishna Mutt, Chennai
·    Sri. S. Gurumurthy Renowned Economist and Columnist

10:00 - 5:00 : Exhibition on Samskritam, Bhagavad Gita and other presentations

We expect the celebrations to go on in a grand manner with the active participation from  school and colleges and thousands of general audience.

·    Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the Lively language - Samskrita Bhasha
·    Witness the Plays, Dramas, Songs, Speeches - all in Samskritam
·    Register for 10 days Free Spoke Samskrit Program taught at your doorstep
·    Enroll in Gita Shikshana Kendra - Samskrit thru the Bhagavad Gita
·    Subscribe Sambhashana Sandesha - an international Samskrit Monthly
·    Shelf the coveted Pride of India - researched book on the Scientific Heritage of India
·    Own your copies of hundreds of Samskrit books / CDs on stories, plays, jokes, quiz, rhymes, songs, dramas, grammar, exercises, novels, etc

Register For Yuvotsava 2012

Namastey !!!

Yuvotsavah has various events and competitions for college students to inculcate in them the eternal values imbedded in the culture of this land given by the Rishis. We invite your institution to participate in Yuvotsavah.
Yuvotsavah – 2012  - 20th August 2012
Venue D.G Vaishnav College Aminjikarai Chennai
List of Competitions

Event Type
Time Limit
Min 5 Max 10
1.Neethi bodhakaham (Moral) (or)
2. Bhakthi (Desha/Guru/ Matrupitru/Eswara Bakthi) or
3. Ramayanam/Mahabaratham
10 mins
1.One Samskrita natakam from each college/ institution.
2. Own makeup arrangements
Min 4 Max 10
Any one song from
1. Geetha Maala (or)
2. Geetha Manjari (Samskritha Bharati Geetham Books)
3 - 5 mins
1. Songs from the book
2. Musical instruments – own arrangement
Min 5 Max 10
Bhakti Geetha or Bhajan in (example - bhaavayaami goapala baalam)
5 mins
1. In Samskrit language or Tamizh
2. Musical instruments – own arrangement
1.Bharatham vishvagurm kartum vivekanandasya uktihi
[Swami Vivekananda’s method for remaking india as the World Leader] (or)
2. Varthamana jagathi Samskru-tasya Sthanam
[Relevance of Samskritam in the contemporary  world](or)
3. Pracharita jati vidyamaana samasyaan nivaraayitum vivekanandasya yuktaha
[VIvekananda’s approach in solving contemporary world problems]

10 mins
1. In Samskrit or English or Tamizh language
A team of 3
1st Round – Bharatham (Desham)
2nd Round – Itihasa puranam
3rd Round – Sahithyam & Shastram
4th Round – Swami Vivekananda
60 mins
1. One team from each college/ institution.
Any one song from
1. Geetha Maala (or)
2. Geetha Manjari (Samskritha Bharati Geetham Books)
3 - 5 mins
1.  Bring your own instruments.
2.  No Cinema songs.
No Limits
1. Why is the world interested in Samskritham (or)
2.Justiify  Samskritham as Bharatam’s national language – Your views and ideas  (or)
3. What can be the role of the Youth in rebuilding our nation
5 pages (A4 Size)
1.       In Samskrit or Tamizh Language
2.       Submit Before 12th August 2012
3.       Submit through e-mail or by post. See contact info below

1. All events will be in Samskrit language unless mentioned otherwise specifically
2. Please go with the no. of participants guideline given for respective events.
3. Last date for registration is 26.07.12
4. Reporting time for Yuvotsav: 9:30 a.m
5. Things needed for competitions –musical instruments / make-up items, etc., should be brought by the participants only.
6. Refreshment will be provided for all the participants and teachers.
7. First, second and third prizes will be awarded for each competition.
8. It is our intention to promote Samskrit conversation among the participants & accompanists. To encourage them special prizes may also be given as per the discretion of the Judges. In all such cases and all events, the Judges’ decision will be final.
9. Based on participation and performance a special prize will be awarded to the institution
10. Dress Code - Bharateeya
11. Registration can be done
Over e-mail –
Through this blog - see details below
Send application form by post to following address
Samskrita Bharati

Registering Through this Blog

 [ Registration will be accepted as comment posts to this blog, go to Add comments first]
  1. Mention Name of institution and participants name
  2. Course and Year of study
  3. Events interested in participating
  4. Number of participants in case of group competitions
  5. Phone number or e-mail address for us to get back.
Samskrutam & I

This space is open for all to share their views and experience about Samskrutam (as comments to this post). You can share things ranging from what is your opinion about Samskrutam, why would you like to learn it, what appeals you most.
Request you to use your best judgment when commenting.

My 2 anaas about Samskrutam & I.
 Because we choose the topic as Samskrutam and I, I would like to dwell up on the very word I – “aham” in samskritam. This small example itself would show how samskritam is the life force or why samskritam best depicts evolution of human thought at its best possible level.
Aham (अहम्) has three aksaraas in it अ ह and म्. 
When we say this syllable aloud, we can feel that the sound originates or has its focal point at the stomach. Incidentally also denotes Chatur Mukha Brahma, the God of Creation who sprung up from Vishnu’s Udharam. Here “” clearly denotes creation or birth.
When we say this syllable aloud, we can feel the sound vibrations at the heart region. Heart sustains our life by constantly pumping blood for the body, just like Vishnu, the protector हरि (Hari) who sustains this world.  The syllable “” clearly denotes growth and sustenance of life.
When we try pronouncing ‘म्”, it reverberates in our skull area. “म” denotes मरणम्  or death and Lord Maheswara is the destroyer.
This Birth (), Growth (), Death (म्) cycle continues as long as Ahamkaara exists. When Ahamkaara ceases so does the Birth, Growth and Death cycle. A simple word “I” in samskritam has such deep meaning and it is not a case of probabilistic happening.  Samskrutam is designed and destined to be the life force of humans. Nothing best depicts the evolution of human thought than Samskrutam.
Sevaayaam Bhavadeeyaha